God Is Not A Faith

God doesn’t belong to a specific church and He has no faith: I’ve discovered this to be true and intensely liberating. Once we understand that God is just not related or affiliated with a denomination, church group, and or faith, it takes the restrict off of who HE is. So, God is just not Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal Holiness, Church of God in Christ, Buddhist, Islamic and on and on..He doesn’t reside in any denomination, neither does any denomination or Church for that matter, have a monopoly on God. HE is God.

God didn’t ship His Son to create a brand new faith, or begin a brand new denomination. Neither did he ship His Son to separate The Physique of Christ. Nonetheless, faith and denominationalism does simply that–separates. For instance, sure denominations(faith) teaches us to stick to guidelines and formulation, what you possibly can and might’t put on, make-up or no make-up, and different ghastly “legal guidelines.” Christ was despatched for the aim of reconciliation, and tearing down obstacles. The teachings of Christ and the Spirit of Liberty is a complete lot greater than senseless submission to somebody’s guidelines and doctrines. We’re created to suppose and uncover Christ freely. Salvation has by no means been an excuse to be ignorant. Ignorance is a commentary on what we have no idea. Typically occasions, thats why guidelines and dogmatic concepts are carried out: to maintain us at nighttime and afraid to hunt past what we’re informed we can’t do. However Saints, serving God is a lot greater than this! There may be a lot extra about God and His glory to find. In order for you extra of God, it’s essential to free your self from polluted institutionalized non secular pondering.

I do know that many people have been born, reared, raised, and even proclaim we are going to die for or die being a sure denomination! Properly, the issue is that we’re dying to that college of thought, church concept, program—dying for a handed down non secular idea. In different phrases, that church, and so forth is put above God. Some individuals are extra dedicated to their church buildings than to God. We’ve been cultured into understanding the doctrine however not God. God can’t be restricted to any single notion, thought or positively a church. I’ve typically heard individuals jubilantly proclaim that their church is “Holyghost headquarters.: He can’t be restricted to your restricted pondering. God is all over the place. Is not that liberating to know that He doesn’t simply hang around on the church down the road with finest choir, or higher sound system? God is larger than that! He needs to inhabit us all salmos 91.

I need to undergo you a God that’s limitless and bigger than your church, denomination, superintendent, Bishop, Pastor, constructing fund, all of these issues that generally get extra Glory than Our Father. Faith stops progress. It holds individuals in bondage and concern. Many doctrines, rites and guidelines are designed to govern and management the Physique of Christ. Generally the church turns into the plantation, and the members the slaves!

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